How it works...

How can I enter?

please refer to the below process on how to enter our competitions. If you would like to know more please contact us and we'll be happy to help!

How is the winner chosen?

Once all entries are in and the draw has closed, all entries will then be posted on our Facebook page and website within 24 hours. This will include your draw number & name which is what we will use in the LIVE draw to decide who the winner is.

We use Googles random number generator to chose a winner, the name linking to the winning number chosen, will be the winner, this will be done LIVE on Facebook.

When does the competition end?

Each individual competition will show the time remaining on the competition page. Each competition will also indicate the date and time the competition ends along with maximum entries into the prize draw.

We also would like to point out because we proud to say we have not and we will not extend a prize for any reason. 

How many times can I enter?

Each individual competition will have a set number of tickets that can be purchased. This ranges from 1-all available tickets.

If there is a limit you can find this information on the individual competition page where we will include the maximum tickets PP in the competition details section. If you're unsure, please contact us and we'll happily let you know.

Can I enter if I am not from the United Kingdom?

If you're able to input an  address from the UK/Ireland you'll be able to enter. Please note that if you win a prize on contact you'll have to arrange delivery/collection from us as we do not currently offer international shipping.

How will I be informed if I am a winner?

We will announce the winner(s) of the competition on the live draw. During the live stream we may try to call you, so be prepared! After the draw we will either call or send an email confirming you are the winner. If we don't here from you in 3 days we will try and contact you again, we wouldn't want you to miss out on your prize!

If you have entered a draw and did not win the competition within a few hours of the live draw you will receive an email acknowledgement, that you was not the winner on this occasion.

When will I receive my prize(s)?

We will always seek to dispatch the prize(s) to you within 48 hours. Before we can however do these we need to communicate with you to confirm you're available to receive the prize(s)!

If the competition is Car/Motorbike or other prize that is deemed by us to be unable to send via post or hand delivered you will need to arrange collection.

Can I see previous live draws?

Yes! We believe in full transparency which includes showing our live draws. To watch previous draws visit the following link. 

Are you hiring?

At this time we have no vacancies. If you would like to express an interest in future opportunities please contact us.